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Supply chain management
Supply chain management

Learn why supply chain sustainability is important and how Sourceful has built a resilient supply chain.

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What are direct-to-manufacturer relationships?

This means we have a direct relationship with each manufacturer we work with. There’s no middleman, we know every manufacturer personally and we visit them regularly. This helps us build trust and transparency, which ultimately leads to better products and prices for our customers.

What is a resilient supply chain?

A resilient supply chain is one that can react, adapt and recover from unforeseen events, like natural disasters or labour strikes. The more resilient your supply chain is, the better your business will fair when a crisis hits.

How is your supply chain resilient?

We've built a resilient supply chain by:

  1. Working with a global network of vetted suppliers. For every product, we have multiple suppliers across both the UK and China. This means if a supplier or any part of their supply chain is disrupted, we can switch production to a backup supplier and minimise the impact for our customers.

  2. Having sourcing teams in both the UK and China. We have local teams in both the UK and China directly managing the operations and working with our network of suppliers first-hand. This helps us to keep in regular contact with suppliers, monitor local news and react quickly to events such as changes in freight or material prices.

  3. Allowing customers to store buffer stock in our warehouse. This is surplus inventory that they can draw from at any time, reducing the risk of a stock-out in case of unforeseen events.

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