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Learn about different print processes, water-based inks and more.

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1 colour printing

Can only print with one colour.

2 colour printing

Can print with two colours.


A colour model and printing process that uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


A versatile printing process used to print on plastic, paper, corrugated and more.

Flood coating

Any coating that covers the entire surface of a material.

Full colour printing

Can print any colour using the CYMK model. Also known as four colour printing.


The standard process for high volume, high-quality printing. It's versatile, offers excellent vibrancy and detail, and is ideal for complex designs, bright colours, text and images.


The process of printing one colour on top of another colour.


A globally recognised colour-matching system.

Spot colour

A premixed, single colour ink.


A file format that uses geometric shapes to create images and graphics.

Water-based inks

Uses water as the main carrier. Water-based inks are a more sustainable choice than petroleum-based inks.

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