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Supplier vetting
Supplier vetting

Learn how Sourceful vets and monitors suppliers to build a trusted supplier network.

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Why is supplier vetting important?

Vetting suppliers allows us to be confident in the quality and sustainability of our products. It gives us transparency into how each product is made and into each suppliers’ operations. In turn, this allows us to build a reliable, trusted supplier network.

How do you vet the suppliers you work with?

We vet every supplier using the same process:

  1. Supplier visits
    We visit every supplier and their manufacturing site before working with them. We use this opportunity to meet the team, inspect the facilities, understand the manufacturing processes and the quality of the working environment.

  2. Environmental impact
    We use our Impact Engine to model the carbon footprint of every material and process a supplier uses to produce a product. This allows us to quantify and assess their impact. For those suppliers that pass vetting, their carbon footprint is then reflected in the live data we offer our customers on the platform. Learn more

  3. Product standards and certifications
    We ensure all claims are substantiated with certificates and independent testing where needed (e.g. ISO, BRC, FSC). We also ensure supplier adhere to all UK and EU laws on chemicals and product components, like UK REACH. This process includes checking and verifying safety data sheets and technical spec sheets on all relevant components.

  4. Product quality
    We conduct a detailed sampling process of a supplier’s products. The sampling process covers everything from material and colour testing to protective packaging checks. We then run end-to-end tests, including a full production run to stress test a supplier’s logistics. This helps us assess whether a supplier can both produce high-quality products and deliver them safely and efficiently.

How do you monitor your suppliers?

We maintain a close relationship with each of our suppliers. We do this partly through at least one site visit to each supplier every year to assess their on-site operations. We also conduct regular sampling of orders to ensure consistent quality and drive improvement.

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