Stickers (FAQs)

Custom stickers, available in rolls or sheets.

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Sheets are a good choice for lower volumes or larger stickers, but they do take up more space than rolls. Can be applied manually but can't be used with a dispenser. The maximum dimensions for stickers on a sheet are 320 x 320mm.


Rolls are ideal for storing high volumes of stickers. They're also easier and faster to apply than sheets. If you're using a sticker dispenser, you will need to choose rolls. The maximum dimensions for stickers on a roll are 320 x 200mm.

Custom sizing

The minimum and maximum size you can create depends on what packing option you choose:


Min: W10 x H50mm

Max: W320 x H200mm


Min: W10 x H10mm

Max: W320 x H320mm



Uncoated stickers have a natural, smooth feel. Not adding a finish is the most sustainable option for stickers. Without a finish though, stickers are subject to water damage.


A splashproof finish protects your stickers from light rain and spillages but doesn't make them waterproof*. If you're using stickers on the outside of packaging, this may be important. It also prevents the sticker’s colour from fading. A splashproof finish doesn't affect recyclability.

*These claims are based on Sourceful's internal testing.

FSC label

An FSC label indicates the forest-based materials in a product are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a global, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry.

Whilst there are three FSC labels, all of Sourceful’s FSC certified products are FSC Mix. This means the forest-based materials are from FSC certified forests, recycled paper and controlled wood. If you add the FSC Mix label, the correct files will be included with your dieline and artwork guidelines. You can download these later.

We always recommend including an FSC label so customers know your packaging is certified. If you don’t add an FSC label, your product will still be made with FSC certified materials but there won’t be a label on your packaging to tell customers. You can still market these materials as “from responsible sources”. Learn more

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