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Self Adhesive Tape (FAQs)
Self Adhesive Tape (FAQs)

Versatile tape used to secure any package.

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48mm wide tape is the industry standard width, and it will fit in most tape dispensers. As it uses less material than 72mm tape, 48mm is the most sustainable option.


72mm wide tape is stronger than 48mm tape. We recommend it for heavy packages.


Brown kraft paper

Brown kraft paper is made from virgin fibres instead of recycled content. It's unbleached and uncoated, which gives it a natural finish. But because this kraft paper is brown, colours appear less vibrant than on white kraft paper. This is the most sustainable option for gummed tape.

White kraft paper

White kraft paper is bleached, a process that uses chemicals to whiten natural wood pulp. This increases its carbon footprint, although only slightly. With a white surface though, colours appear much brighter which means it's better for colourful artwork and flood printing. White kraft paper is also uncoated. We recommend white kraft paper if vibrant colour is essential to your design.

Print colours

All colours will be converted to the nearest Pantone colour. This will only affect your design if it’s made of CMYK colours.

If your colours need to be converted, we’ll always return your design after to review.

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