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Recycled Mailer Bag (FAQs)
Recycled Mailer Bag (FAQs)

Lightweight, waterproof mailer bags made from recycled materials.

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Recycled content

98% recycled content

Made from 98% recycled LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and 2% masterbatch. A 98% recycled mailer has a higher percentage of recycled content than a 30% recycled mailer, which means fewer virgin resources are used. In turn, this means it has a smaller carbon footprint. Due to the varied content of recycled LDPE, these mailer bags will have a textured finish and some white flecks on their surface. We recommend choosing these mailer bags if sustainability is a priority.

30% recycled content

Made from 30% recycled LDPE (low-density polyethylene), 65% virgin LDPE and 5% masterbatch. As these mailers contain more virgin material than 95% recycled mailers, they have a higher carbon footprint. That said, with less recycled content, they have a smoother surface and fewer white flecks. This makes them better for printing on, especially if you have detailed artwork.


Single peel & seal

A single peel & seal is a self-adhesive strip that allows you to easily seal a package without tape. All you have to do is peel the backing paper off and seal the flap. Customers can then open the packaging using the perforated strip. Choosing a single peel & seal makes fulfilment and unpacking both fast and simple.

Double peel & seal

Instead of one self-adhesive strip, a double peel & seal has two. This means if a customer needs to return a product, they have a simple, secure way to seal the original package. If they don't return the product, customers will have to remove the second peel & seal before recycling.

Pantone colours


A Pantone colour is a standardised spot colour (a pre-mixed ink) which has a unique name and code. In practice, Pantone colours act as a common point of reference between designers, printers, manufacturers and businesses. Anyone can identify a colour using its name and code, and then reproduce it exactly regardless of their location or equipment. For businesses, Pantone colours ensure brand consistency across multiple print projects.

If you want to print an image on your recycled mailer bag or print using CMYK colours, please select “I’d like to discuss”.



Your order will be shipped by road freight or air freight. Express delivery is the fastest option, making it the best choice for urgent needs, but is much more expensive and less sustainable than Economy.


Your order will be shipped by sea freight. This is the most cost-effective and the most sustainable option but lead times can be significantly longer than Express. We always recommend sea freight unless you need an order urgently.


Split delivery allows you to split a single order and send it via both air freight and sea freight. This means you can benefit from air freight’s shorter lead times whilst balancing costs and your carbon footprint. With split delivery, you can choose how many units you want to send by air freight versus sea freight.

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